Registration hours

Registration hours will be as follows:

Friday: 7pm-midnight

Saturday 9am-midnight

**Please note if you are wishing to take part in the flea market/craft fair, you may begin lining up at 9am on Saturday**

Guest announcement: Amber Lee Connors

Headshot_AmberAmber Lee Connors is a professional Voice Actress most known for voicing Ginger in Dust: An Elysian Tail, Amber & Hailey in Dead Island: Epidemic, Circe & Death Metal Rhapsody in Heroes of Newerth, Ira in Dread Out, Beli in Huniepop and Ava in Sunrider. Anime credits include Tomomi Saikyo in Ladies versus Butlers and Lilith Kishimoto in Holy Knight.

She also voices Android 18 in Team Four Star’s Dragon Ball Z Abridged, as well as Schrodinger in their Hellsing Ultimate Abridged.

Having grown up as a fan of video games and anime, one of Amber’s hobbies includes bringing her favorite characters to life through cosplay.

The Hero Zone

10391593_176017065677_1561062_nThe Hero Zone has been in Sandusky, OH over 10 years in various forms and is currently located in its beautiful downtown location on Market Street. We are a 2,500 square foot venue that specializes in card, board, role-playing, and miniature games. In addition to its retail side, The Hero Zone is a place for anyone who considers themselves a nerd, geek, or otherwise a part of the sub-pop culture.Come join them as they will be hosting everything from free play to demo’s of different card and board games in the table top room.

Featured Panelist: Abracadabra Productions

AbraAbracadabra Productions is a K-Pop, J-Pop, and Anime dance cover group from the Cleveland area. Their goal is to bring con-goers the experience of a asian pop concert right to their own backyards! With plenty of dance experience in the group, training in visual technologies, and three years in the convention dance scene; their performance is sure to knock your socks off!

Guest announcement: Samurai Jillian!

Dan-less Jillian PicSamurai swordswoman Jillian kicks her deadweight partner to the side and cuts her way to center stage at this year’s F.A.P. Weekend, armed with wit, style, grace, sharp things, and…fuzzy beasts! Naya and Kuma, the performing Akitas, will be on hand (paw?) to make this one unforgettable event!
Disclaimer: No actual Samurai Dans were harmed during the writing of this bio.

Guest announcement: Mega Championship Wrestling!

2dc39428d88c05a90c43d5a00d4482d4Mega Championship Wrestling is a professional wrestling company operating out of Ohio. It was founded in 1999 and is currently promoted and ran by one of the co-founding members, Jeff Traxler. MEGA has run shows all over the greater Cleveland area including Lorain, Elyria, Medina, Sandusky, Norwalk, Amherst, South Amherst, Vermilion, Cleveland, Westlake, and even in Pennsylvania. We currently run most of our regularly scheduled shows out of Lorain and Elyria. Mega Championship Wrestling strives to be active in the community by working with organizations like Ohio Veterans Home, Easter Seals, and Friends of Murray Ridge. We pride ourselves on our clean content and family oriented shows for individuals of all ages to enjoy.