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Guest panelists: Punny Panels

11728094_10207469845288088_289663460_oPunny Panels formerly known as Kimoshi Yume Productions. Is made up of two quirky and fun girls, who love going to conventions and giving panels. It’s all about having fun! Keeping things light and keeping the fans laughing. Leaving without a smile on your face is not an option. Audiences are engaged by entertaining power points, sarcasm, puns and light

Guest panelist: Tea Time with Deadpool!

10563237_10152137111586511_179732190_oA party-heavy rapping time traveler. A boy scout with a subtle wild streak. A wrestling wisecracking psychopath with a penchant for adult-rated humor and insulting people he shouldn’t. What do you get when you put them into a room with hundreds of seats, a couple of microphones and a projector? Nothing for the feint of heart. But more importantly: Drop by and check out the hypest panel you should probably see more of than you would like, but less than you would hope: Tea Time With Deadpool