Rules & Policies

In order to make sure that your F.A.P. Weekend experience is fun, enjoyable and safe, we ask you to please read over these important convention rules.


  • Anything that is illegal outside of the convention is illegal inside the convention.
  • Harassment isn’t tolerated.
  • Walkie-Talkie It is crucial the staff frequency stay open. The Frequency is used for emergency situations. We understand how easy it is to contact your friends via Walkie-Talkie. Keep all chat to Frequencies between channels 1-6. We don’t want to but will confiscate your walkie-talkies. Don’t ruin it for everyone.
  • Please no glomping. We’ve had casualties.
  • Please take mock battles outside (unless its part of an event). The grounds surrounding the Kalahari are spacious and scenic and serve as much better arenas anyway.
  • *Note that behavioral policy is subject to perspective: if you are doing anything out of line; F.A.P. Weekend staff reserve the right to revoke your badge without question or fairness. Severe punishment will result in your expulsion from the hotel itself. All Staff decisions are final.


No metal swords, knives, bayonets, cane-swords, and/or other objects made of metal, which have a sharp point or sharpened edge. Exceptions may be made for cosplayers during the masquerade.
No real or replica guns of any kind permitted. There are to be no:

  • Pellet guns
  • Air Guns
  • Mini or Pistol crossbows
  • Stun guns
  • Dart or Blowguns

Exceptions may be made for cosplayers during events.

Exceptions regarding guns
Easily identifiable toy plastic guns with no moving parts and that have a clearly visible non-removable orange tip will be permitted. Resin models will be permitted as long as they are marked with clearly visible non-removable orange tip.

Nunchakus are not permitted. Nunchaku made out ouf craft materials for cosplay purposes will be permitted in the halls so long as it is not misused. Exceptions otherwise may be made for cosplayers during the masquerade.
There are to be no explosives or chemicals of any kind, including but not limited to smoke powder, sparklers and fireworks.

Wooden weapons that are permitted:

  • staffs
  • walking sticks
  • bokken and other wooden swords.
  • toothpicks

Fake or made-up weaponry (example: made of wood, plastic, foam, plaster of Paris, cloth etc) are permitted if they are safe and not dangerous to the other con-goers around you. For example, dangerous conditions include but are not limited to wires sticking out, items that trip passersby, clothes lining a member, etc.
Please limit the size of the weapons to less than 8 feet in height and weighing less than 50 pounds. If you do happen to make something heavy, make sure you are able to carry it without a problem.

Misuse of any weapon, such as swinging it in a public area or causing hazards to passerby, will get your privilege revoked immediately.
If we deem a weapon to be unsafe for the con, we will ask you to store the unsafe weapon in your private quarters (i.e.: your room or car). If there is a repeat offense, we will escort you out of the convention and off of convention grounds so that you can place the weapon in your private quarters; if the weapon is illegal, we will turn it in to the appropriate authorities.
Any weapon purchased in the dealers’ room that is boxed, should remain boxed and stored in your private quarters. Weapons are not to be taken out of their packaging or wrappings while at the convention.
All objects brought into the convention may be checked and considered by F.A.P. Weekend staff. You may be asked to have your weapons peace bonded at the con.
All questionable items will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Anything deemed illegal outside the convention is deemed illegal inside the convention premises. All F.A.P. Weekend staff decisions on weapons are final.

Shirts, clothing, costumes, or signs promoting pedophilia are strictly prohibited.
Please do not wear clothing with distasteful messages or words.
Proper footwear is required at all times by the Kalahari. An exception is made for cosplayers during the masquerade.
No rollerblades or rollerskates. An exception is made for cosplayers during cosplay events.
Short skirts, kilts, etc must be accompanied by proper underwear. Ineffective underwear or a lack thereof constitutes indecent exposure. Offenders may be turned over to law enforcement.
Clothing should at least cover what a 2-piece bikini (for females) or swim shorts (for males) would cover. This is a Kalahari policy. If you wear less outside of the convention area, be prepared for the Kalahari security to confront you.
Signs that are held or messages/words written on shirts or your body are permitted but they must stay tasteful.
Any replica firearms must be kept concealed outside of the convention space. The Kalahari’s security force cannot determine if your firearms is real or replica through their black and white security cameras. They have a duty to investigate anything that resembles a firearm outside of our convention space. Failure to conceal or cooperate with Kalahari security may result in your being removed from the premises. Our allowing replica firearms within the convention space is the result of a compromise with the Kalahari, so we appreciate your cooperation, so that we can continue to allow prop firearms and weapons inside the convention. Thank you!